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WilierWays is a trademark of Wilier Triestina which aims to promote the sale of organized holidays, in the Wilier Triestina style with our products in our region.

In creating WilierWays we decided to partner with tour operators PuntoTours.

The conditions of sale for each packaged tour is subject to the terms and conditions of the tour partner that organises and operates the tour. The conditions of sale can be seen on the tour description page.

All activities other than marketing and promotions are not attributable to WilierWays.

Difficulty rating guide

So that everyone has a great time, the rating guide ensures each tour group is of similar ability and fitness. There will always be differences, and everyone has good and bad days – just look at Le Tour or Il Giro! Tour leaders understand this and will allow time to regroup along the way.

The rating below is based on your current average speed over normal undulating, relatively flat terrain. Your actual average speed on an alpine tour will be quite different!
Each tour starts with a warm-up ride so the tour leaders can assess the group, and plan accordingly.

If you have any queries, send us an email with your weekly riding distance / average speed and we can assist you.

Easy: beginner cyclists who have just started riding regularly, and are capable of riding up to 50km,31mi a day at an average of about 20 to 22km/hour, 12-13mi/hr.

Intermediate: cyclists who have been riding regularly, and are capable of riding up to 80km, 50mi a day, at an average of about 25km/hours, 15mi/hour.

Advanced: cyclists who have a number of years experience riding, and are capable of riding more than 100km, 62mi a day, at an average speed of above 27km/hour, 16mi/hour.

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